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Jeannette M Wolak, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Highest Degree University: Montana State University, 2011
(931) 372-3695

Expertise in clastic and carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy and depositional environments. Specific research interests include deepwater clastic deposition and 3D seismic sequence stratigraphy.

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  • 2011, Montana State University, Ph.D. Earth Sciences
  • 2004, Texas Tech University, M.S. Geosciences
  • 2002, University of North Alabama, B.S. Geology

Courses Taught 

Fall 2013:

  • GEOL 1040 The Dynamic Earth
  • GEOL 4110 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
  • HON 1010 Introduction to Honors

 Previous Courses:

  • GEOL 3210 Geology for Engineers
  • GEOL 4200 Geological Exploration Techniques
  • GEOL 4810 Special Problems [Spring 2013 - Geologic study of the Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico]

 Research Interests

  • Sedimentary geology - particularly deepwater deposition
  • Petroleum geology - porosity and permeability distributions in deepwater reservoirs
  • Subsurface techniques - integration of well logs and seismic data to understand subsurface geometries
  • Geoscience education - bringing technology into the undergraduate classroom


  • 2013-2013 Geoclub Faculty of the Year
  • 2013 Tennessee Tech Sigma Xi Research Award

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