Q - Where is the Photo Services Office located?
Roaden University Center, 3rd floor Room 368.

Q - Do you make student IDs?
No.  The Eagle Card Office makes all identification cards for the campus. RUC room 221

Q - Can we buy commencement pictures and videos from previous commencements?
Yes, call (931) 372-3305 or come to the Photo Services office, Roaden University Center, Room 368 to place your order if your commencement is not in the online gallery (pre-2008)

Q - Do you make photographs for customers other than the University?
Yes, while university work takes priority, photos for alumni and the community are welcomed. Call or come to the Photo Services office and make an appointment.

Q - Do I need a Photo Release form to publish photos of students, faculty and staff?  Yes, unless the use of covered by freedom of speech rights of news outlets.  Our university Release form can be downloaded here.

Q - Do you repair cameras?
No, but we can examine your camera and suggest a repair strategy.

Q - Do you teach photography classes?    Classes are offered through Extended Education for personal education.  The Craft Center has a basic photography class as well as a class offered by English-Journalism.

Q - Can you process my print color film?
Sorry, we are primarily a digital photo operation, so we use the local one-hour labs in Cookeville for 35 mm print film.

Q - Do you process black and white film?
Yes, and we can make custom prints for you.

Q - Do you process E-6 slide slide film?
Sorry,  Our E-6 film lab is no longer operating.  We use Thompson Photo in Knoxville or Chromatics in Nashville when we need slide processing.

Q - Can you scan slides, negatives and prints?
Yes, see our services/prices page.

Q - Can you copy old snapshots and photos not protected by copyright?
Yes, we can scan snapshots, but any photograph that has a copyright notice is protected by law and we can't make duplicates, except with a release from the copyright owner.

Q - Can you make large size prints?
Yes, we can make prints up to 43" wide and 96" long.


Q - Do you make photos for the yearbook?
Yes, we make some of the photos, but the yearbook and newspaper staff make many of the photos used in print also. To contact the yearbook office, call 372-3060.

Q - Do you make wedding photos?
No, but we can make your engagement announcement photos.
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