murdockDr. David Murdock

The TTU Department of Physics is sad to announce the death of faculty member Dr. David Murdock on May 23, 2013. Dr. Murdock was a dedicated teacher with a dry wit, who spent long hours helping students in any way he could. He will be sorely missed by his colleagues and students. In order that he can continue helping students we will be setting up a website of the resources he created that will be accessible to all.

Want to learn how the universe exists around us, or discover laws that apply from the smallest atom to the largest celestial bodies? Physics provides the answer to these questions and everyday occurrences in our world and the universe.

The Final Frontier

TTU's Physics Department is regarded as one of the strongest across the nation. You will be able to follow two different paths in earning your degree. The first path is for those who wish to pursue graduate degrees and careers in research. The second is for those who wish to find immediate employment or pursue research in another technical field.

Learn from the experts

All classes are instructed by Ph.D physicists. The staff of eight faculty, a department secretary, and an equipment technician makes for a family atmosphere in the department. You will receive close personal attention through teaching, research opportunities and public service.

Prepare to work

You can expect a rigorous amount of math and science as you study subjects from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the entire universe. Research opportunities and instruction both in and out of the classroom prepares you for success after college.

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