Several scholarships are available which are specifically designated for physics majors. The process requires an application and at least one letter of reference. The deadline for application is December 15; more information about scholarships and the application process is available on the Scholarship Office web site. Selection for each of these scholarships is based on the student's previous school performance, on standardized test scores, on the student's letter of application, and on the letter of reference.

Each year the department intends to award one Algood and Elizabeth Carlen Scholarship to an outstanding incoming freshman who declares a physics major. This scholarship is worth approximately $2500 and is renewable for up to three years if the student meets appropriate criteria.

The Paul Austin Scholarship is a one-year scholarship which is awarded to an incoming freshmen; it carries a value of approximately $2500.

The Frederick L. Culp Physics Scholarship is typically valued at about $1200; preference is given to an outstanding incoming freshman.

The Robert L. Shannon Jr. Physics Scholarship is given to a Junior or Senior physics major and carries a value of approximately $1000.

Several other scholarships, for which all physics majors are eligible, are awarded each year. These are typically in the range of $500 - $1500.

A scholarship of particular interest to out-of-state students is the Honors Scholarship, which pays out-of-state tuition fees. Out-of-state students having a composite ACT score of 26 or greater may be considered for this scholarship if they participate in the TTU Honors Program. Continued support is contingent upon maintaining sufficiently high academic standing to continue as a member of the Honors Program.

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