Department of Sociology & Political Science

Department of Sociology & Political Science


Have an interest in law or criminal justice? Want to learn the difference between nature and nuture? The Sociology and Political Science Department is looking for students who want to make a difference in tomorrow's world and make its society a better place.

Fit the Degree to Your Profession

High expectations are the norm in the Sociology and Political Science Department. Students can expect an exceptional background of critical information. Internship and classroom activities prepare you to think critically, analyze data and clearly communicate discoveries. Graduates are equipped for success in any profession.

Find Specialization and Personalization

The sociology and political science department has twelve faculty available to assist students in their pursuit of higher education. Students benefit from specialized programs designed to help students succeed upon graduation and gain valuable experience working closely with instructors.

Prepare to Work

TTU's Sociology and Political Science Department opens avenues for students in a wide range of fields and career paths. Graduates have used their degree to jump start careers in social work, politics, state and local government, international relations, and criminal justice. Students are immersed in classroom lectures and training, internship opportunities are also abundant at the state and local levels of government.

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