TTU alumni satisfactin surveys help net additional funding

Some say talk is cheap, but not when it comes to the results of Tennessee Tech University’s recent alumni survey.

That’s because TTU generally ranked above average among Tennessee’s eight other four-year public institutions in levels of alumni satisfaction and academic experience — and that satisfaction may translate to greater state funding for TTU.

"The alumni survey is conducted every three years and is just one of many components in the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s Performance Funding program, which rewards institutions for academic improvements and service to students," said Leo McGee, TTU’s associate vice president of Academic Affairs.

The state’s nine four-year public universities can earn up to 5.45 percent over their annual operating budgets through THEC’s Performance Funding program.

Each point earned by the participating institution is worth $21,797. For the current academic year, TTU earned slightly more than $2.1 million.

"But Tennessee’s four-year universities must compete for this funding," McGee said. "That’s why the recent alumni survey’s positive results are so important to TTU."

Participants were asked to rank their educational experience on a scale with 1 being "very dissatisfied" and 4 being "very satisfied." TTU earned a rank of 3.42, compared with the state average of 3.24.

When asked if they would enroll in the same institution if they had the opportunity again, with 1 being "definitely not" and 4 being "definitely yes," TTU alumni gave the university a ranking of 3.34. The average rank of the state’s other four-year institutions was 3.11.

On a four-point scale, TTU alumni also ranked their overall college experience at 3.24, also higher than the state average of 3.12.

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