TTU Nursing Professor Honored With Donation From NHC

Tennessee Technological University's School of Nursing was recently presented a $1,400 donation in honor of associate professor of nursing Gloria Russell, RN. The donation was made by the Foundation for Geriatric Education of the National Health Care (NHC) Corporation headquartered in Murfreesboro.

"Russell's involvement as well as the Tennessee Tech School of Nursing Clinical Rotations have been very positive for our center," Cheri Cropper, administrator of the NHC in Sparta, said.

Russell was honored for her clinical geriatric nursing skills, and for promoting geriatric research, grant writing and education endeavors for the nursing staff at the Sparta NHC. She recommended the need for a geriatric foundation in the NHC in the early 90's. "True nursing is not just emergency room nursing," Russell said. "I want to try to keep the issue of geriatrics alive."

With a history of involvement in the field of geriatrics, Russell co-founded the Tennessee Social Action Group on Aging and the YWCA Volunteer Visitors Nursing Home Program. She has been influential through her testimony to government officials and her help with laws at state and national levels in issues affecting elderly people. The NHC in Sparta was chosen as the most outstanding employer in the state in 1996 by the Tennessee Nurses Convention. The Sparta NHC also participated in the national television coverage of a research project entitled "Preventing Falls in a Nursing Home" done with Vanderbilt University.