Becky Stafford named TTU's September Ambassador

Tennessee Tech University transcript analyst Becky Stafford in Graduate Studies knows how to ease the path of admission, said new graduate student Karen Talley. "Not very often have I taken the time to acknowledge in writing the kindness of others," said Talley. "But Ms. Stafford went so far above and beyond her duties to assist me that I just couldn't let it pass without someone knowing what a valuable resource she is to the university. I sent so many e-mails, had so many questions, and made so many errors that any person with normal tolerance would have really been completely fed up with me. Ms. Stafford was efficient, knowledgeable and helpful in every way. She was my first contact with TTU, and her professionalism and willingness to listen and respond so quickly let me know that I had made a good decision. I can't thank her enough, and the university should be very thankful as well." Ambassador nomination forms are available from TTU’s Human Resource Services or by visiting