Bowen and Burke named TTU's Most Valuable Student Workers

Two Tennessee Tech University student workers have been selected as “most valuable” in the university’s second annual Most Valuable Student Worker contest, sponsored by TTU’s Financial Aid Office. Joshua Burke of Monroe County was named Most Valuable Work Study Student. Burke, who works for TTU’s International Student Affairs Office, was a sophomore computer science major this year. He is the son of Jimmy and Lorida Burke of Madisonville. Jere Bowen of Madison County was named the Most Valuable University Academic Scholarship Student. Bowen, who works for TTU’s mathematics department, was a junior math major this year. He is the son of Judy and Jere Bowen of Jackson. The winners received prizes, including a certificate and T-shirt. More than 1,000 student workers help support TTU’s administrative and academic offices. Student workers who earned honorable mention designations and the offices in which they served are listed as follows:

UAS Honorable Mention
Chad Marcum - Economics, Finance & Marketing
Emily Sherrill - Computer Science
Terri House - Accounting & Business Law
James Waller - Accounting & Business Law
Dylan Pottenger - Financial Aid Office
Gale Turley - Financial Aid Office

Work Study Honorable Mention
Channing Hatfield - University Advancement
Adam Beaubien - Human Resources
Christy Blucker - Child Development Lab
Falin Gautz - Financial Aid Office
Laura Payton - Foreign Languages
Amelia Smith - Earth Sciences