Bruce Greene Wins National Recognition as Outstanding Teacher/Adviser

Years of giving good advice and teaching with enthusiasm earned Tennessee Technological University associate agriculture professor Bruce Greene this year's Outstanding Teacher-Adviser Award from a national agriculture honor society.

The honor society, Delta Tau Alpha, selected Greene based on evaluations and rankings submitted by his current and former students. In comments about his roles as teacher, academic adviser and club adviser, students praised his value to them.

"Dr. Greene has the gifts of wisdom and diligence combined with the warmth and compassion of a parent," said Tennessee Tech graduate Paul Davis.

"I appreciated how he has never stopped learning," said Meggan Toohey, a College of Agriculture alumnus now in veterinary school. "He never stops reading and learning, and it shows in his classroom."

The national award is not the first time students have rewarded Greene. They voted him the School of Agriculture's Outstanding Faculty Member in 1992-93 and 1996-97. The university's equestrian club members also appreciated Greene's recent return as club advisor.

Greene, a Sneedville native who joined Tennessee Tech's faculty in 1991, said teaching and advising demand trial and error combined with remembering lessons learned.

"It's possible to give students a lot of information and yet teach them very little," said Greene. "I believe students can sense my level of enthusiasm, and they know I want to do what is best for them."