Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You: Women in Science and Technology

Quick -- name a famous woman scientist from Tennessee!

Drawing a blank? You're not alone. "There's a lack of information in textbooks and other publications about women," both historic and current information and particularly relating to women in the South, says Denis Kiely, director of Tennessee Opportunities, a program addressing sex equity in education and employment and based at Tennessee Technological University.

With help from the American Museum of Science and Energy and a grant from the state Department of Education, Tennessee Opportunities put together an informative poster on women in science and technology. On one side, Tennessee women who have made their mark in science -- from pioneer to modern times -- are profiled. The other side offers several fun science experiments for the classroom.

The poster will be distributed free to all Tennessee public schools with students from fifth grade up. Over 800 schools in the state will receive about 2,500 posters.

Kiely says that since the organization distributed a Tennessee Women's History poster in 1991, he's had numerous requests to produce another poster focusing on science and technology.

Posters will be mailed in mid-November. Anyone who wishes to obtain one can contact Kiely at 615/372-3799 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for a free copy.

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