COUNTDOWN CELEBRATION! One TTU alum aboard shuttle, others in key roles in Columbia flight from earth

A picture-perfect landing Tuesday

Some 300 members of the TTU community took part in a Countdown Celebration April 4 to honor of one of Tennessee Tech's own -- Alumnus Roger Crouch (Physics, Class of '62) -- who flew aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia April 4-8, along with the university pennant and replica of the University seal he carried aloft in space during the mission.

The Countdown Celebration featured a live broadcast of the launch and messages from Roger and other TTU alums tied to the mission. Several members of Crouch's family were on hand, along with reporters from the three Nashville television stations.

Although a faulty electric generator limited the flight to only four days, Crouch achieved a lifelong aim to travel in space. TTU plans to mark this milestone in a second campus celebration later this year when Crouch returns to his alma mater for a ceremony celebrating his role and that of other alums in the mission. Stay tuned to this web page for information on the time and date of that event. Meanwhile, follow the links below to find out more about TTU's role in space and the Columbia mission.

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