Eagle Line delivers sports action by phone

The Eagle Sports Line is the newest information extension line offered through Tennessee Tech's voice mail system. The number for the Eagle Line is 931/372-3754 or 931/372-ESLI (Eagle Sports Line).

This line offres daily updated information on the events of all intercollegiate athletic teams on campus. Dates, times, and locations for sporting events, as well as results and records of previous events, will be available through the Eagle Sports Line. Ticket information from the Athletic Ticket Office will also be available.

"This should be a very effective way to keep people who are interested in TTU's athletics up-to-date and encourage callers to become more active in Tennessee Tech's sporting events," Robert Schabert, director of Sports Information, said.

"In addition to keeping the campus community informed, the sports line will also serve as a way to get information to the general public," he added.

The Sports Information Department, located in Eblen Center, is in charge of the Eagle Sports Line. The department hopes that the information line will allow them to equally represent all of Tennessee Tech's 16 Golden Eagle and Eaglette teams.
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