Elk Mountain Construction donates time, labor to build Mini Baja water obstacle course

Elk Mountain Construction President Donnie Elkins and workers recently donated their time, skills and equipment to help Tennessee Tech University prepare to host the Baja SAE competition on campus in May. They completed excavation for a large water obstacle course/pond for the event that will feature 93 teams from seven countries in the off-road collegiate design series that features all-terrain vehicles powered by Briggs and Stratton generator engines. The public is invited to the event on May 1, 2 and 3. Until the competition, organizers ask that the area remain off-limits to students and the public. At the site, located between Ninth and 12 th streets, are TTU Water Center Director Dennis George, TTU engineering professor Dale Wilson, TTU Water Center R&D engineer Yvette Clark, Elkins,   and Elk Mountain Construction employees Don Buchanan, Haskell Ragland and Gerald Mathews.
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