Engineers to drop eggs, fly paper planes and build a mystery object as part of annual Engineering Week

Each year at Tennessee Technological University, students in the College of Engineering get together for a week of fun and competition as part of Engineering Week, Feb. 21-25.

Activities planned are:

Egg Drop Contest: This year the egg containers will be dropped from approximately 10,000 feet by a balloon apparatus! Register online by: Fri. Feb. 18, 5:00 PM Container construction: Tue. Feb. 22, 4-7 PM Contest: Thursday Feb. 24th -- 11 AM; meet at UC

Tug of War: Teamwork and raw strength determine the outcome in this popular event. Four(4) persons per team. Mon. Feb. 21st -- 6 PM in Sherlock Park

Engineering Fair: An opportunity for engineering students to make career connections. Thurs. Feb. 24th -- 10 AM - 3 PM in UC Multipurpose Room

Imagineering Contest: Each team will be given a certain materials and a task involving engineering skills. The task will remain a mystery until 5:00 of that day. Wed. Feb. 23rd -- 5 PM in Prescott Hall Lobby

Stuff-It Scavenger Hunt: Scavenge Tech campus to fill an empty backpack with the loot. Four(4) persons per team Tue. Feb. 22nd -- 11 AM meet in UC

Paper Airplane Contest: Longer. Farther. Better. That's the goal of this classic engineering competition. Tue. Feb. 22nd -- 5 PM in UC

Tech Feud: A survey will be distributed to 100 engineering students. Your team must correctly guess the most popular answers. Wed. Feb. 23rd -- 6 PM in PH215

3-Legged Race: One faculty member, one student, three legs. Mon. Feb. 21st -- 5 PM in Sherlock Park

Walleyball Tournament: This single elimination tournament will take place the week before E-Week. Four(4) persons per team. Feb. 14-18th -- afternoon in TTU Rec Center

Engineering Banquet: Attendance will be counted for points. Tickets will be sold in Prescott Lobby, Brown Lobby, and the College of Engineering Office in Clement Hall. RSVP by Wed. Feb. 23rd Thurs. Feb. 24th -- 7 PM in UC

Penny Wars: Change is what this country needs. In this contest, pennies count positively and silver and paper monies count negatively. Brown Hall, Prescott Hall, & Marshall Hall

Daily Dilbert Hunt: Just find the Dilbert hidden on campus and email its location to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible. The First correct response wins E-Week points for their major.

For more information on Engineering Week 2000 and more details about each competition, visit the Engineering Joint Council website at