Final Count Solidifies TTU's All-Time High Enrollment Number

With final numbers tallied, Tennessee Tech University announced an official all-time high enrollment this fall at 8,653 students, a gain of 243 students over last year.

The final census taken after the Labor Day weekend shows undergraduate transfer students accounted for the largest percentage increase. That group increased more than 14 percent from last fall.

The previous high mark for enrollment was set at 8,584 in 1999. Since then, one goal of the university has been to break the 8,600 barrier with increased efforts on recruitment and retention of students.

Graduate enrollment at TTU also reached an all-time high with 1,554 students, up 20 students from last year's count.

The university also reached a seven-year high with more than a 2.2 percent increase in full-time equivalent enrollment, another method of counting registered students. FTE, a way to group part-time students so that the number of hours they are taking represents a full-time class load, equaled 7,372 this fall.

Of the total 7,099 undergraduates, almost 22 percent are majoring in business administration. The next highest enrollment by major is engineering at just under 21 percent.

Other Tennessee Board of Regents' four-year universities have reported an average increase of 2.52 percent in headcount enrollment over last fall. Tennessee Tech's final numbers are ahead of that average at 2.9 percent.