First Service Learning Awards presented to faculty and students

Beyond academic courses, the truly higher nature of education many Tennessee Tech University students and faculty members practice was honored with the recent presentation of TTU’s first Service Learning Awards for Faculty and Students.

During this year’s Stonecipher Symposium on Technology, Communication and Culture, themed “Engaging a Culture of Service, seven faculty members, three individual students and a student team representing each major academic division received awards. For faculty members, the Service Learning Awards recognized how well they incorporated community service into their curriculums and classrooms. The students were chosen for their abilities and desire to use their special skills fostered at TTU to serve others.

“Although the collective amount of time and effort given by these recipients is amazing, it’s the individual planning and personal attention to others that makes all these projects and people outstanding and heartwarming,” said TTU President Bob Bell.

Faculty Service Learning Awards

Student Service Learning Awards