Lisa Maas named 2008 Outstanding Professional

The face of a systems analyst isn't always the most recognizable on a university campus due to the nature of behind-the-scenes work, but Lisa Maas' accomplishments and reputation in the role have not gone unrecognized.

Maas has been named this year's Tennessee Tech University Outstanding Professional for her performance, attitude and commitment. The spotlight fell on her as a result of her work with the university's new software system, Banner, t hat maintains records used by university personnel who deal with student records, payroll, finances, and financial aid.

As technical lead for Human Resource Services, Maas was credited by several in that office for the smooth transition to the new system.

"Her work ethic, commitment, professional development and outstanding attitude were the main factors that contributed to seamless transition for the university," said Evelyn Chambers, human resource analyst.   "Without Lisa's positive attitude, team spirit, encouragement, dedication, and humor, we never would have gotten the job done."

Marjorie Crabtree, TTU assistant director of financial services, says Maas has been instrumental in creating, modifying and implementing software systems that significantly benefit students, parents and the university.

Those systems include credit card web payment, e-check, and housing web prepayments, residential life housing system, and meal plan system modification.

"[She] is committed to doing a good job even in emergency situations which may require working extra hours on nights and weekends to complete," said Crabtree.

Maas, who developed the active server pages and databases vital to the university's SACS reaffirmation of accreditation, holds the respect of colleagues outside the university too, says Barry Stein, TTU director of planning.

"These systems tremendously impressed the visiting team, including an expert from Georgia Institute of Technology," said Stein.

A previous winner of the university's Ambassador of the Month award, Maas' reputation as a team player is well known, says Danny Reese, associate vice president of information technology services.

"She leads by example and keeps excellent relations with her peers," said Reese, "When working in a group, she listens to what others have to say while sharing her opinion."

Maas holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and an associate's degree in computer science from Dyersburg State Community College. She joined the university in 1994.