Matteson-Hudson Honors TTU with Donation TTU College of Engineering to Receive $100,000

In appreciation of Tennessee Tech University's high caliber engineering graduates in the work force, Thomas M. Hudson Jr., president of Matteson-Hudson Construction Co., has announced his plans to donate $100,000 to TTU's College of Engineering.

The donation will be used to expand the current annual Matteson-Hudson Engineering Scholarships and to fund other college projects.

"In my work with manufacturers across the state, I find that many of the most professionally competent managers and engineers are Tech graduates," said Hudson. "We hope to perpetuate the quality of graduates in the manufacturing-related engineering fields."

A design-build company with construction management capabilities, Matteson-Hudson was founded by E.F. Matteson, Thomas M. Hudson Jr. and Thomas M. Hudson Sr. in 1980. Matteson, who remained on the board of directors until his death in 1989, was a mentor to many young engineers and managers throughout his career.

"Matty Matteson left behind a legacy of integrity and persistence that serves as an outstanding role model for young engineers entering the manufacturing field," said Hudson.

The donation places Hudson in the prestigious TTU President's Club 1915 Society, the highest level of donor recognition within the President's Club.

"We appreciate the message Mr. Hudson sends throughout the state with his support and confidence in our university and our graduates," said TTU President Bob Bell. "Deserving young men and women will have new opportunities to pursue excellence here thanks to his generosity."

Matteson-Hudson scholarships are awarded annually to junior or senior engineering students at TTU on the basis of character, community and campus citizenship, initiative and participation in school or university activities. Financial need is also a consideration.

Matteson-Hudson is headquartered in Nashville, with offices in Johnson City and Clarksville. -30-
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