New Program Makes MBA more Accessible Tennessee Tech Launches "Super Summer 2001"

Earning an MBA, even if you have a non-business degree, has become more accessible with Tennessee Tech University's new innovative program, "Super Summer 2001."

Tennessee Tech's Division of MBA studies has designed a program to allow students and professionals to take all the foundation courses for the MBA program in a single summer, a process that once took a minimum of two full semesters.

"We are giving non-traditional and traditional students an opportunity unlike any other at a university our size in the southeast," said Bob Wood, associate professor of economics, finance and marketing. "It's a chance for students or graduates whose studies were not in business to take all the prerequisites for the MBA program."

The Super Summer program consists of three, five-hour MBA foundation courses covering accounting, finance, law, marketing, management, economics, statistics and quantitative methods. From May through August, classes will be held three nights a week.

"This program requires considerable effort and energy, but this program allows professionals and students a chance to complete the work in one summer instead of having to go to school part time and taking a couple of years just to get the prerequisites completed," said Wood.

The Super Summer program was created to better meet the needs and desires of students, professionals and local and regional industry. Traditionally, more than 40 percent of Tennessee Tech's MBA students hold a non-business degree. A person with a non-business degree would have to spend at least two semesters as a full-time student or four semesters as a part-time student just to meet the requirements to get into the MBA program.

Upon successful completion of the Super Summer program and admission to the MBA program, a full-time student can complete the MBA in one calendar year. Junior and senior undergraduates are also eligible to enroll in the program, allowing them direct entry into the core MBA program after graduation.

For more information, call TTU's Division of MBA Studies at 372-3600 or visit the web site at