New TTU web site offers TLC for trees

 You may rake their leaves in the fall and sit under their sheltering shade in the summer — but when's the last time you really gave your trees some tender loving care?

A new web site maintained by Tennessee Tech University's College of Agriculture and Human Ecology can help you do just that.

The TLC for Trees site provides information about selecting, transplanting, maintaining and protecting trees and offers pest alerts and other seasonal advice. It also features photo galleries and streaming video clips that "emphasize the best management practices in live action," said Douglas Airhart, TTU agriculture professor.

"The idea evolved from the TLC for Trees segment Guy Zimmerman and I did about four years ago for WCTE-TV's Upper Cumberland Camera program, and it's been fun to develop a web site that can provide that same kind of valuable information to the public," he said.

Airhart partners with Jeff Plant, associate professor of human ecology, to maintain the web site.

Developed as part of a 2000 Challenge Cost-Sharing Grant Project, it is sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service on the recommendation of the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council.

For more information, log onto the web site at

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