New Web Site Features Tennessee Women

Did you know a Tennessee woman worked as a physicist on the Manhattan Project and witnessed the first atomic explosion, or that one of the early 20th century experts on preserving milk and frozen foods was a Nashville woman?

If this is news to you, check out the new World Wide Web site created by Tennessee Opportunities, a sex equity program based at Tennessee Technological University, and the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge. The joint effort resulted in a web page featuring Tennessee women who have made their mark in science and technology.

"The web site includes photos and information about pioneer women scientists as well as contemporary researchers," said Tennessee Opportunities coordinator Denis Kiely. "Our future plans for the site include adding hands-on lab activities for middle school students."

Tennessee Opportunities was created as a state-wide program to promote education and employment opportunities for single parents, displaced homemakers and young women and girls. Each year the organization sponsors three Equity Excellence awards for a business, a community-based organization and an educational institution who help promote women's education and employment.

To commemorate Tennessee's Bicentennial in 1996, Tennessee Opportunities produced a "Tennessee Women in Science and Technology" poster which was distributed to public schools. A limited number of original posters are still available. To obtain a copy, call Kiely at (931) 372-3799.

The Tennessee Opportunities web address is