Ô Week of Young ChildÕ celebrates early childhood programs at TTU

The needs of young children and their families and the early childhood programs that meet these needs are the theme of the annual national celebration "Week of the Young Child."

At Tennessee Tech University, the Upper Cumberland Child Care Resource Center and Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance are commemorating this special week by sponsoring "Collaborative Child Conference 2001" for professionals in child care and early childhood education on Saturday, March 31, at the university.

"Dedicated to one of the best investments in the Upper CumberlandÕs future, the 'Week of the Young Child' celebrates children and focuses public attention on the needs of young children and their families and recognizes the early childhood programs and services that meets those numerous needs," said Linda Richey, project director for the UC-CCRC and TECTA-TTU.

The commemoration week spans from April 1 to April 7 and is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the worldÕs largest early childhood education association.

The TTU conference is designed to help establish and/or enhance high quality programs, which result in children who are more likely to develop language, pre-mathematics and social skills needed to succeed in school, Richey explained.

These two organizations Ð UC-CCRC and TECTA-TTU -- are dedicated and actively involved in providing the training, technical assistance and resources necessary to increase the quality of child-care programs, she added.

Their services include the following:

Providing professional development opportunities and scholarships for continuing education in early childhood.

Improving the health and safety of programs through training and individual consultation.

Encouraging the use of developmentally appropriate practices and inclusion of children with special needs in the regular classroom.

Supporting the familyÕs crucial role in early education.

Offering materials and resources for the child care providers and facilities.

Providing on-site technical assistance.

For further information on the conference or the services provided, contact Suzanne Decker at (931) 372-3780 with the UC-CCRC or Wendy Polsky or Debbie Roddy at (931) 372-6561 with the TECTA-TTU.