Patrick Reagan publishes multimedia history CD that covers 1890-1929

History is more than names and dates Ð it's letters, music, speeches, songs, photographs, film clips, government documents.

A new multimedia history, edited by Patrick Reagan professor of history at Tennessee Technological University, puts World War I and the Jazz Age and all these varying facets of history at a student's fingertips on a CD titled American Journey: World War I and the Jazz Age.

The historical work published in CD format integrates social, economic, labor, women's, black, political, military and diplomatic history using over 200 primary source documents with head notes, 17 interpretive essays, 300 images with captions from across the nation, period music, video clips, bibliographies for further reading, an annotated timeline and multiple search functions that detail significant and interesting events from 1890 to 1929.

"This CD starts with the crisis of the 1890s and the onset of industrialization and moves through the labor movement and to progressive reform," Reagan explained.

"And it allows you to do a full text search of words, documents, photographs and images or video clips of the time by simply clicking a mouse," he added. "It has maps with a brief history and summary of key battles Ð I'm very proud of this work and believe it will be a great resource."

Cookeville High School teacher Laura Carter prepared lesson plans for the teacher's guide accompanying the work which took about one year to complete.

The CD edited by Reagan is another installation of the American Journey: History in Your Hands series of historical resources that deal with such subjects as the American Revolution, the Constitution and Supreme Court, the Civil War, westward expansion, the New Deal, Civil Rights, the Vietnam era, immigrants, women, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans.

American Journey: World War I and the Jazz Age includes video clips of people dancing the Charleston, the original news clips of the Scopes Trial, audio tapes of war propaganda pieces and even recreations of original period music.

"I wanted to include material that we are familiar with as well as some that we had probably not seen before," Reagan said.

For more information about the American Journey: History in Your Hand series, published by the Gale Group/Primary Source Media check online at; and for information about copies and use of the CD at
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