'Photographic Prints and Works in Photogravure' exhibit at TTU March 31-April 30

Photographs are a way to capture what we notice every day as it is influenced by our imagination, says David Bartlett, whose exhibit, "Photographic Prints and Works in Photogravure" will be on display at Tennessee Technological University March 31-April 30 in the Joan Derryberry Art Gallery in the Roaden University Center.

"In everyday life our noticing is governed by our purposes. Under sway of the imagination, however, it functions in a way not formulizable but neither arbitrary nor haphazard to express the sensibility of the photographer," he says.

Bartlett takes photography a bit farther by producing works in an historic and rare art form knows as photogravure. A photogravure is a photographic image produced from an engraving plate. The process is rarely used today due to the costs involved, but it produces prints which have the subtlety of a photograph and the art quality of a lithograph. In essence, the production of a photogravure consists of three steps: taking the picture; producing a printing plate of the image; and printing the image on paper.

The final step, printing, involves spreading ink evenly across the plate and then pressing the plate onto the paper. The combination of the chemical and mechanical process produces an image both warm and precise. A photogravure looks like a photograph but is a series of connected lines, rather than unconnected dots as in a photograph.

"I believe the sensibility expressed in my work is essentially poetic," Bartlett says. "Such photographs posses an impersonal independence and authority of their own but are also the most intimate expression of the personality and their creator."

There will be a reception for Bartlett on Tuesday, April 11, at 11 in the Joan Derryberry Art Gallery. He will also give a slide show at 4:30 p.m. that day and from 1-3 p.m. will meet with interested students in the gallery. This exhibit is a Center Stage event.