Putnam County FCE Clubs support TTU 4-H scholarship

The Family Community Education Clubs of Putnam County support Tennessee Tech University’s Geary-Bailey 4-H Scholarship with a $500 donation. Pictured, from left, are Carol McDaniel, FCE education chairman; Judy Ramsey, vice president of county council; Charity Uker, president; Sue Bailey, director TTU’s School of Human Ecology; Janice R. Garrett, FCE country store treasurer; Pat Grimes, secretary of county council. The focus of the FCE club is to promote the wellbeing of families and communities through educational programs provided by the University of Tennessee Extension Service. The 4-H Scholarship is one of the many community projects the FCE clubs support. This is the third gift the FCE has made to this scholarship in memory of Virginia Ruth Geary, who worked with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville Extension Service. The Geary-Bailey 4-H Scholarship is entering its second year, and it has recently reached the endowment level of $10,000. The interest from the endowment will be used each year to fund a scholarship for a former 4-H member from a specifically defined geographic area of the Extension Service and who is majoring in Human Ecology at TTU. This year’s winner of the Geary-Bailey 4-H Scholarship is Rachel Grissom. Photo: TTU
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