Quilting presentation on March 18 examines women's history themes

Men’s history is recorded on maps, but women’s history is stitched in quilts.

That’s the philosophy of Bonnie Askowitz, an artist and quilter based in Miami, who’ll give presentations at Tennessee Tech University at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18, in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The morning session will be in the Tech Pride Room of the Roaden University Center, and the evening session will be in the RUC’s Multipurpose Room. Both are sponsored by Center Stage, hosted by the TTU Women’s Center and are free and open to the public.

“Over the years, women have used needlework to give themselves a voice, often when no one wanted to listen. It’s been said that while men’s history has been recorded on maps, women’s history is recorded on quilts,” Askowitz said.

Her presentation will include a large collection of images of quilts from multiple artists that depict “women’s culture, history, restrictions and triumphs.”

The slides she has chosen to present will exemplify the universality of women’s experience, and she said she hopes to show that “quilts are not just blankets, but a mode of communication that is part of the country’s culture.”

Diana Lalani of the TTU Women’s Center said, “Having seen [her] presentation and knowing the interest in quilting in this area, I really wanted to give everyone on campus and in our community an opportunity to see her quilts, so I asked if she would be willing to do two shows on the same day.”

The morning presentation will be a shortened version of the evening’s program, which will also include a question-and-answer session. Both will feature approximately 100 slides and about a dozen of the artist’s quilted wall hangings.

For more information about the presentation or other Women’s History Month events on campus, call the TTU Women’s Center at 931/372-3850 or log onto its web site at www.tntech.edu/women.