Reports of new speeds questioned, TTU team may still have a chance at setting record speed

Members of Tennessee Tech's sub team, along with many other competitors at the World Submarine Invitational, were aghast to hear that a speed of 6.7 knots had been set by a two-person team the very first day of the WSI.

Although reports remain sketchy, a member of Florida Atlantic University's team has questioned that report and said he understands the 6.7 knot run was for a one-person team and that the fastest time so far for a two-person team is actually 6.4 knots -- far closer to the range that TTU and many other teams had expected for two-person runs.

Tennessee Tech intends to compete in both one- and two-person classes. The 6.7 knot speed set last Saturday was by a sub with 20 percent less mass than Torpedo III, meaning that speed will be tough for TTU to beat. Using computer modeling, however, the students were able to determine that high 6 knot speeds are possible for their boat IF propulser John Gore is able to achieve a .75 to 1 horsepower output for 15 or more seconds.

Gore will have his chance to do just that when TTU takes to the water Wednesday afternoon. Return to this site late Wednesday for an update
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