SGA presents new Fitness Center bill for campus vote

Posted by Karen Lykins - Tuesday, November 19 2013
Office of Communications & Marketing

Voting is underway through Wednesday on a SGA referendum proposing a new Fitness Center/Intramural Facility. Two SGA senators sponsored the bill, "New Fitness/Intramural Facility Act of 2013," in response to current student demand and the growth of TTU's intramural program, one of the largest in the state.

While several plans are being launched next spring and summer based on the Campus Master Plan, discussion about a new Fitness Center began after a review of the current facility's ability to meet the needs of the growing student body. The Master Plan includes the new Science Complex, additional paved parking areas and renovations to residence halls and academic buildings.

A committee of about 15 students, faculty and staff from all areas of campus formed last fall to assess how well the current Fitness Center meets the needs of the campus community. The committee received more than 1,500 student, faculty and staff responses to a survey.

Campus Recreation Director David Mullinax says the committee received overwhelming support through the survey to expand facilities to serve the growing needs of campus.

"This facility was built when the student body was about 7,000," Mullinax said. "Our usage numbers compare to campuses with more than 20,000 students. From 3 to 8 p.m. in the afternoons, the weight room, which is designed for about 75 people, will be in demand by 150-250 people."

Mullinax says the student demand for intramurals has outgrown the facility.

"We don't have a large enough facility to accommodate intramurals," he said. "For instance, we have more than 100 basketball teams that we try to schedule."

Intramurals also lists 98 registered volleyball teams.

The committee visited several different universities, including Vanderbilt and MTSU, that recently faced increased demand for recreation space. All responded to the demand by building new facilities.

The SGA acted on the information received from the committee to write the current bill. The vote was unanimous to put the bill before students in a referendum. Voting stations in the Roaden University Center and Fitness Center are available through Wednesday afternoon. For more information or to vote, visit

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