Shadows Will Appear at TTU on Groundhog Day

Punxsutawny Phil's shadow may not appear Monday, but many Tennessee Technological University employees are guaranteed to see their shadows.

Tennessee Tech will host 25 "shadows," high school students paired with employees based on a student's career interest. The pairings are the goal of Tennessee's first "Education Edge Job Shadowing Day," taking advantage of Groundhog Day to place more than 10,000 students in state-wide workplaces.

"I plan to show my student how campus security differs from other security jobs, how training and education play a role and how enjoyable my profession can be," said Gay Shepherd, university chief of police. "I'm looking forward to leading my shadow through the day."

Overton County high school students will bring their questions about education, job skills and interpersonal skills needed in the workplace. Students have signed up to shadow a variety of employees, including child care specialists, a research and development engineer and many others.

During the shadowing, employees will describe their responsibilities, explain the many facets of their jobs, answer questions and discuss education and training. Students will fill out a report asking them to explain how reading, writing, applying mathematics, analysis and interpersonal communications are important to the job they shadowed.

Tennessee Tech joins some of the nation's largest employers, such as Microsoft, supporting the national Groundhog Job Shadow Day Coalition. General Colin Powell spearheads the coalition in an effort to educate and mentor the country's youth.
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