State house candidates to take part in AAUP forum

Incumbent state Rep. Jere Hargrove and his opponent in the state house race this fall, Dwight Henry, will make a joint appearance here beginning at 11 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 19, in the OVC Room.

The forum, sponsored by the TTU chapter of the AAUP, will be moderated by Katherine Osburn, AAUP chapter vice president and associate professor of History.

"We'll be asking each candidate to address a list of issues facing our campus and public higher education in Tennessee generally," said Kurt Eisen, AAUP chapter president and professor of English. "Our main purpose is to ask them to speak for the record on a number of issues important to us."

Hargrove and Henry will be asked about funding issues facing higher education, said Eisen, including the relationship between tax reform and state funding and campus-wide salary increases. Other questions are likely to concern intellectual property issues, such as ownership of web-based course materials and whether material produced on campus computers -- e-mail, for instance -- is a matter of public record.

After each candidate's response to questions from the AAUP, Hargrove and Henry will field questions from the floor.

"While the appearance is being organized by faculty, everyone, including students, is welcome to attend," said Eisen. "Students might have questions about tuition -- what will tuition look like, for example, without tax reform?"