Tennesee Tech's Gold on the cover of 73 Amateur Radio Today

After contributing to amateur radio trade publications for the past four years, Cookeville's Jeff Gold has made the big time: the cover of the June issue of 73 Amateur Radio Today.

Gold, academic computer support manager in Tennessee Technological University's D.W. Mattson Computer Center and station trustee of the Tennessee Tech Amateur Radio Society, has published more than 40 articles and reviews in QST, World Radio, Radio Fun and QRPp since 1993 -- the latest a three-page equipment review in this month's issue of 73 Amateur Radio Today.

He previously won a Cover Plaque Award for contributing the best article published in an issue of QST. In addition to his work with TTARS, Gold serves as an examiner to test people seeking their radio licenses. His articles and reviews prompt reader mail on a regular basis: a radio reader from Oregon wrote to him recently, saying, "You have been a real inspiration to a new ham with the articles youUve written concerning the gear you've built and reviewed." The cover photo above was taken at Bee Rock in Monterey by Tennesee Tech alumnus Conard Murray.