Tennessee Tech Hosts Nashville Tech Classes

Students of Nashville Tech's Cookeville branch may find themselves taking classes on Tennessee Technological University's campus -- but not where you might expect them. Running out of space in its current quarters on Freeze Street, Nashville Tech will be offering some of its classes in Tennessee Tech's Smith Quadrangle, a group of men's residence halls.

The lecture classes won't require lab equipment, so the meeting rooms and facilities in Smith Lodge, not in use at the moment, will make a suitable classroom for Nashville Tech. The institution offers associate's degrees in a number of fields, primarily engineering technology.

Nashville Tech Director Sam Garner says the new space is "an answer to a prayer."

"Right now, I have lab equipment in my lobby. Being able to use Smith Quad is a dream come true," he says.

"We're glad to help them!" says Marvin Barker, vice president of Academic Affairs at Tennessee Tech. "They told us what they needed, and we were able to furnish it."

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