Tennessee Tech opens a new avenue for financial aid via the Internet

In the ongoing effort to make learning about, applying for and actually getting financial aid for college as easy as possible, Tennessee Technological University's Office of Financial Aid has launched a site on the World Wide Web that walks the viewer through those steps.

Forget waiting for forms to arrive in the mail, filling them out by hand and mailing them back in. On the Tennessee Tech Financial Aid web site, viewers can determine their financial needs, fill out the financial aid application and return it - all electronically, all from a computer wherever they are, all without so much as buying a stamp.

And it's not too late to apply for financial aid to attend college this year, reminds Ray Holbrook, director of Financial Aid at Tennessee Tech. Work-study funds, student loans and grants are still available for the 1997 school year. Just log on to the web site (or call Financial Aid) to see what's there for the asking, says Holbrook.

Using the new web site, located at http://www.tntech.edu/www/admin/finaid, you can scroll through a checklist that explains exactly what happens when you apply for financial aid and what steps you'll need to take. You can learn who is eligible for which kinds of aid and how much is available. Using any one of numerous search engines, you can also seek out scholarships from thousands of sources.

Not only can you see the estimated cost of attending Tennessee Tech next year, you can link up with calculators that will help you estimate how much it will cost for your newborn child to attend college in the year 2015, as well as calculators to help you plan how to save enough money for that event.

Holbrook believes Tennessee Tech's web site is among the best available, and he hopes it will be used not only by prospective students and their families, but also by high school guidance counselors.

Holbrook says financial aid offices are committed to the goal of helping as many students as possible get the financial assistance they need for college. "The point is to help students get to school - any school," he says.

"Of course, we feel that Tennessee Tech holds a wealth of opportunity for prospective students," he adds. "We hope they will come to see that and know us better by visiting our web page."

For more information about financial aid, visit the web site, call the Tennessee Tech's Office of Financial Aid at 615/372-3073, or e-mail the office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Facts About Financial Aid

About two of every three students at Tennessee Tech receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, loans, work-study and grants.

Nationally, about 50 percent of all students receive some form of financial aid.

About 47 percent of financial aid at Tennessee Tech is in the form of loans.

Nationally, about 53 percent of aid is loans.

About 14 percent of financial aid at Tennessee Tech and nationally is in the form of scholarships.

Tennessee Tech's student loan default rate is 6.4 percent.

The national default rate is 10.7 percent


You Can't Afford Not to Go to College

On average, a college graduate earns $600,000 more over a lifetime than someone who has only completed a high school education.

Estimated lifetime earnings (From USA Today, Nov. 10, 1994):