TTU achieves record-setting enrollment for eighth consecutive year

For the eighth consecutive year, Tennessee Tech University has achieved record-setting fall enrollment numbers, with a final census of 10,796 students.

And that number, in preliminary enrollment statistics, puts TTU’s percentage increase above those of other Tennessee Board of Regents universities. Overall, TBR enrollment increased by about 1 percent. TTU’s enrollment increased by 4.6 percent, up from 10,321 last year.

That is in spite of a university-wide technological transition to an upgraded student system that affects every unit on campus.

“This enrollment growth is indicative of the excitement surrounding our campus,” said TTU President Bob Bell. “We are accomplishing great feats, and those successes are being recognized. The fact that we've recorded this growth during a new computer system implementation is a testament to how hard so many people have worked on this project. I appreciate everyone who continues to make TTU a shining example.”

The overall increase of 475 students represents an increase in both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate enrollment — at 8,439 — is up 379 students from last year’s enrollment of 8,060, which indicates an increase of 4.7 percent.

Graduate enrollment — at 2,357 — is up 96 students from last year’s enrollment of 2,261, which indicates an increase of 4.2 percent.

Student credit hours increased from 121,642 last year to 125,477 this year. That translates into a growth in full-time equivalent enrollment from 8,311.6 last year to 8,568.4 this year, a percentage increase of 3.1.

Among the academic programs that are recording the greatest increases this year are the Colleges of Education — up by 111 students from last year’s count of 2,628 to this year’s 2,739 — and Arts and Sciences — up by 93 students from last year’s total of 1,795 to this year’s 1,888.

Overall, Agricultural and Human Sciences, which includes the School of Nursing, saw the most significant enrollment increase of any of TTU’s six academic colleges. It increased by 142 students from last year’s 860 to 1,002 this year, representing an overall percentage increase in enrollment of 16.5.

The university’s independent programs also experienced notable increases, with last year’s 1,623 rising to 1,821 this year, a growth of more than 12 percent.

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