TTU Answers Your Financial Aid Questions

Tennessee Technological University is offering first aid to cure student's and parent's financial aid headaches.

Tennessee Tech's financial aid office is prescribing prospective students and their parents gather all the information they can during February's Financial Aid Awareness Month. Raymond Holbrook, director of financial aid at Tennessee Tech, encourages information seekers to check the university web site, come by the office and tune in to a special television program.

"Students now can complete their next year's financial aid application on our web site," said Holbrook. "The 'prospective students' section takes you step by step through the interactive process."

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) correctly and early is the key to reducing financial aid stress. In addition to the web site, the university offers FAFSA applications in the University Center, Room 214. Students also will find personal computers and resource staff to help search for scholarships.

State-wide PBS affiliates, including Cookeville's WCTE, will broadcast a panel discussion designed to help students and parents complete their forms. The program also will map out the available financial aid opportunities. The one-hour television program, "Funding Your Future: Financial Aid for Students," airs Sunday, Feb. 1, at 4 p.m.

Viewers filing for the 1998-99 school year are encouraged to have a FAFSA application on hand along with their 1997 tax year information. Nashville news commentator Pat Nolan will host the discussion sponsored by the Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. Nolan is particularly qualified to lead the discussion, having just completed the college financial aid process with his daughter.

Tennessee Tech's web site address is The financial aid pages also provide a ready-to-print checklist helpful in keeping progress of all the vital steps in the process.

For more information about university financial aid, call Holbrook at 372-3073.