TTU hosts chamber music, theater production

Posted by Lori Shull - Thursday, September 19 2013


thumb ValientesThree courageous Latin American men from history will be celebrated at Tennessee Tech University during a performance combining theater and chamber music Monday, Sept. 30.

The Core Ensemble will return to campus to perform “Los Valientes,” or “The Courageous Ones,” a production that tells the story of artist and political activist Diego Rivera, Salvadoran archbishop and campaigner for human rights Oscar Romero and Mexican-American desperado Joaquin Murrieta, also known as Zorro.

This will be the fourth time the group has visited TTU. The performance will include both concert and vernacular music written by Latin American composers. The production is in English.

“I am always impressed with their talent and originality,” said Karen Burdette, associate professor of Spanish at TTU. “I think one thing that makes the Core Ensemble’s performances unique and intriguing is how one actor changes his entire persona to portray three very distinct characters.”

The group includes a pianist, percussionist and cellist, as well as an actor playing the three roles in the performance.

Sponsored by TTU’s Center Stage, the production is free and open to the public. It will be at 7:30 p.m. in Wattenbarger Auditorium in the Bryan Fine Arts Building at 1150 N. Dixie Ave.