TTU Offers Full Calendar of Women's History Month Events

T-shirts swaying on a clothesline -- it's a peaceful springtime image filled with quiet breezes.

The sights and sounds of violence against women will shatter that peaceful image when Tennessee Technological University displays the "Clothesline Project," a participation in a national Women's History Month program. The provocative exhibit will carry the month's strong message -- that women are being hurt and killed and that the violence must end.

"Women, either victims themselves or to honor another woman's suffering, can describe their experience by drawing or writing a message on T-shirts that are hung on a clothesline for public display," said Gretta Stanger, director of Tennessee Tech's Women's Center. "The display will be accompanied by a soundtrack of gongs, whistles and bells, but no voices, to represent the silence of those who do not report abuse."

On Monday, March 16, and Wednesday, March 18, the clothesline will be displayed outside Tennessee Tech's University Center. T-shirts can be made then and added to exhibit. On Thursday, March 19, the displays moves to the Putnam County Courthouse square for viewing from 11 a.m. until noon.

The "Clothesline Project" is one of many Women's History Month events sponsored by Tennessee Tech. Other March programs include: