TTU returns to traditional class ring design

Years ago, a college class ring was a visible marker of achievement, and each university offered its own unique ring to commemorate the school's heritage.

As trends changed, however, the unique designs of each university's ring gave way to a variety of styles and choices. Class rings began to look more like regular jewelry and less like a symbol of pride and accomplishment associated with an alma mater.

In an effort to recapture that feeling of honor and tradition, Tennessee Tech officials have been working to design a new TTU ring, one that would easily identify the wearer as a graduate.

Tennessee Tech will soon celebrate the unveiling of its newest tradition -- the official TTU class ring -- from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 19, under the awning on the South Patio.

The new ring was designed exclusively by students, alumni and staff to symbolize the university's excellence and heritage. The collaborative effort included months of work on design and planning, all of which will culminate in an event to introduce and showcase the new class ring.

"We worked hard to create a distinctive design that is representative of the many long-standing traditions that forever bind our graduates to Tennessee Tech," says Ed Boucher, dean of students and chair of the committee that designed the ring.

The ring features the golden eagle and the university's initials in an interlocked design.

"The ring also serves as a symbol of achievement unique to TTU graduates, one that will identify them as members of a select group recognized for their outstanding qualities, dedication and perseverance," Boucher says.

Only eligible students are qualified to purchase the official TTU class ring -- undergraduate students who have successfully completed 90 hours of study, graduate students and alumni.

The unveiling ceremony is open to everyone, and refreshments will be served.
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