TTU students get grade reports via phone

Students at Tennessee Technological University won't have to wait to receive their grade reports in the mail this semester -- instead, they can pick up the phone and access their grades from the Eagle Line, the university's telephone registration service.

The new feature will serve a dual purpose by providing students with quick and convenient access to their grades while saving the university paper and postage costs each semester. For those who still want to see their grades, however, hard copy reports will be mailed to students who request them.

To check grades for any semester, students can call the Eagle Line at 372-6400 and follow the instructions. Grades for the current semester will be available beginning Monday, Dec. 9. Students who want grade reports mailed must call the Eagle Line to make the request between Dec. 9 and Dec. 17.

For more information, call Tennessee Tech's Office of Records and Registration at 615/372-3317.