TTU’s Agricultural and Human Sciences dean receives Vision Award

Posted by Lori Shull - Wednesday, October 26 2011


Pat Bagley, dean of the College of Agricultural and Human Sciences at Tennessee Tech University, recently received the Vision Award from Overton County in recognition of TTU’s contribution to agriculture.

The donation of the Oakley Farm in Livingston, Tenn., has attracted some of the state’s best and brightest students to the area and introduced them to hands-on learning at one of the biggest cattle operations in the state.

“While other universities are doing away with experiential hands-on learning, we are adding more experiences to the curriculum,” Bagley said. “In my 33 years with universities, working with Millard and J.J. Oakley and their farm has been a highlight of my career.”

Several students live on the farm every semester, working with the beef cattle, hogs and sheep on the farm and doing original research. The farm is also equipped to perform ultrasounds for carcass measurements in beef cattle.

Since Bagley came to TTU in 2007, enrollment in the school of agriculture has increased five years in a row, setting records for the past three.

Before he became dean, enrollment in TTU’s agriculture programs had declined seven consecutive years.

To honor the changes the school has seen during his tenure, Bagley received the award on behalf of TTU’s College of Agricultural and Human Sciences and its school of agriculture at the annual Agriculture-Industry Day in Livingston.

Approximately 300 people attended the event, which recognizes agriculture’s importance to Overton County’s economy. Every year, agriculture is that county’s largest industry and either the first or second largest in the state.