TTU's August Ambassador of the Month

Tennessee Tech University financial analyst Etter Staggs "has been a lifesaver" for faculty in the Electric Power Center. "Whenever I write research proposals, I worry only about the research draft, because I know Etter will be willing to help in budgeting, paperwork, communication and everything else," said Venkat R. Subramanian, a TTU assistant chemical engineering professor. "She is always willing to help and is super efficient in getting things done in time. Many times, I had to resubmit the budgets/cover sheet for my projects within a short frame of time," Subramanian said. "Etter will redo the budget, walk over to different offices and get signatures from all the personnel, make phone calls and will go beyond her call of duty to get things done. She has stayed well past the regular office hours to help me and others with research proposals. TTU is fortunate to have employees like her." Ambassador nomination forms are available from TTU’s Human Resource Services Office or by visiting
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