TTU's Michael Gunter has new book about history of the Kurds

His latest book is about the history of the Kurds — but the question of the northern Iraqi people’s future is more relevant than ever since the recent capture of Saddam Hussein, says Michael Gunter, professor of political science at Tennessee Tech University.

One of the world’s leading experts about the Kurds, Gunter has written numerous books on the subject, including two that were among the first analyses in English of the Kurdish unrest in the Middle East.

His latest, Historical Dictionary of the Kurds, will be available Dec. 28 from Scarecrow Publishing Inc.

In his research, Gunter has worked directly with top Kurdish and other Middle Eastern political leaders.

He was the 1998 co-recipient of the Kurdish Human Rights Watch’s Service to the Kurds Award, and has been called on to give seminars about Middle East issues to the U.S. State Department.