Tuition revenue to go up about 6 percent at Tennessee Tech

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (June 19, 2009) — Five of the Tennessee Board of Regents universities, including Tennessee Tech University, will receive additional revenue of about 6 percent this fall as a result of the TBR approving tuition and fee increases for its member institutions.
Tennessee Tech, Middle Tennessee State University, Austin Peay State University, East Tennessee State University and Tennessee State University will see an average of 6.1 percent revenue increase, while the increase will be 5.5 percent at the state’s community colleges and technology centers. The University of Memphis will reap a 7.1 increase.
The numbers are based on a tuition revenue increase, not a tuition increase, according to the TBR. The amount any given student’s tuition will increase depends on how many hours the student takes, since TBR is beginning this fall to charge for every hour taken with no cap.
In the past, TBR has capped tuition at 12 hours, after which students attended free. However, hours above 12 will be steeply discounted this year, with only a $10 per hour additional charge.
“This is certainly an encouragement to our mission to provide access to higher education in our region,” said TTU President Bob Bell. “The TBR has committed to encourage Tennesseans to pursue higher education even if they can’t go full time.”
Students taking under 12 hours are the beneficiaries of the change in tuition policy under which TBR universities and community colleges now charge for each hour taken. For Tennessee Tech students in this category, tuition will go up only 1.06 percent.
If the board had not changed its way of charging and had again done an across-the-board tuition increase, all students at state universities would have faced about a 6 percent increase.
The board, which held its meeting on TTU’s campus, also approved a new nursing specialized academic course fee of $25 per credit/audit hour for upper division and graduate nursing courses. Fee increases were also approved for Craft Center Studio fees, the business specialized academic course fee and a ROTC uniform/equipment deposit. 

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