University Orchestra to perform music from the "Iron Grip" video game April 15

Interdisciplinary is a popular buzzword in higher education, and a concert set for Tuesday at Tennessee Tech University gives ‘interdisciplinary’ a whole new sound.

That’s because the Tennessee Tech University Orchestra will be performing original music from the video game “Iron Grip: the Oppression” at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15, in the Wattenbarger Auditorium of the Bryan Fine Arts Building.

The video game was developed in part by TTU student Alex Gilmore, who first proposed that the University Orchestra perform the score because he said that to him it sounded “like an orchestral-style soundtrack.”

Because the score — composed by Ubisoft sound designer Christian Pacaud — was originally written in electronic samples and loops, however, it would have been impossible for an orchestra to perform without the creation of sheet music for actual instruments.

That’s where Henry MacAfee, a sophomore music composition major at TTU, enters the picture. He created the musical arrangement the University Orchestra will be performing based on the digital original.

“It challenged me because I was listening to synthesized recording with electronic instruments and imagining how real instruments would make that sound,” MacAfee said.

The concert will include five suites adapted from the original game score and an original piece by MacAfee that was inspired by music from “Iron Grip,” as well as several other pieces.

“This [will be] the first time [for the University Orchestra to] perform video game music, and I hope we see gamers come out in droves for the concert next week,” said Dan Alcott, director of the University Orchestra.

The concert is free and open to the public. For more information about it, call Alcott at 931/372-6179.

For more information about “Iron Grip: the Oppression,” visit its official web site at Both the soundtrack and module can be downloaded for free.

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