Policy Manual

Historical Information

In 1986, a referendum was passed by the Student Government Association to begin collecting student fees for the purpose of building a Fitness Center. It was determined that $30 of a 6> hour student's maintenance fee be earmarked for the construction of the facility. After completion of the Center, the $30 would continue to be assessed of students but its purpose would be to provide necessary monies for maintenance, operation and debt retirement. Those who contributed from 1986 until August 1991 were given gratis time to compensate for having paid fees toward the cost of the facility when it was not open for their use. The time clock on this gratis time began "ticking" as soon as the Fitness Center opened. All gratis time expired December 31, 1995.

Because students enrolled for 6 hours or more are assessed a $30 maintenance fee, they are granted use of the facility at no additional charge. It was decided that part-time students (students taking 1-5 hours) could purchase a Fitness Center membership for a fee.

SGA and the Fitness Center Building Committee further determined that the facility would be an open-recreational complex. They resolved that the facility would not be opened to the Athletics teams to practice or Academic Programs. This, of course, did not exclude these individual students from participating outside their group.

Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Tennessee Technological University Recreation and Fitness Center Advisory Committee is to advise and make recommendations relative to activities, programs, and the general operation of the University Recreation and Fitness Center. The committee is responsive to the President, Vice President of Student Affairs and the Administrative Council.


The University Recreation and Fitness Center Advisory Committee shall consist of the following members, appointed by the University President in accordance with approved procedures:

A. Faculty - A minimum of three (3) faculty members
B. Administrative - A minimum of three (3) administrators
C. Clerical/Support Staff - A minimum of three (3) staff members
D. Students - A minimum of four (4) students
E. Terms of Office - Student members will serve terms of one (1) year, while Faculty/Administrators/Staff will serve terms of three (3) years, with appointments to be effective at the beginning of the fall semester; all members' terms are subject to renewal at the discretion of the President.
F. Attendance at Meetings - a member who cannot be present for a meeting of the committee may send a voting representative.

Exception Policy

Exceptions which occur in the course of daily business will be made by the Fitness Center Director. On occasion, when the Director feels it necessary, he may consult with the Vice President of Student Affairs. In unusual situations, input may be obtained from the Fitness Center Advisory Committee members, either by telephone or by calling a meeting. Occasionally, exceptions may also be made by the TTU President, Provost or Vice President of Student Affairs.

Appeal Procedure

If an individual has a complaint or a disagreement with one of the Fitness Center rules, he may first discuss the situation with the Fitness Center Director. If satisfaction is not received, he may take the situation to the Vice President for Student Affairs. If, after following these two steps, he/she still feels a problem still exists, he/she may request the issue be placed on the next Fitness Center Advisory Committee agenda by calling the Fitness Center Director.

Membership Eligibility

TTU students, TTU faculty and staff, TTU graduates, and their immediate dependents are eligible for a membership at the Recreation & Fitness Center. (A dependent is considered to be the spouse and/or children (22 years or younger) of a Fitness Center member. Provided that the member's dependents meet these requirements, members will pay a separate fee for each dependent. Children must be 16 years or older to participate at the Fitness Center by themselves. Dependents who are younger than 18 may not bring children under 16 into the Fitness Center; children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older).

Memberships may be purchased Monday through Friday in the Fitness Center Office (Room 118).

Students taking 6 or more hours of classes for credit at TTU paid for their membership through school fees. Each student is able to use the facilities each semester he/she is enrolled by using his/her Eagle Card. All immediate dependents of the student taking 6 or more hours may become members for a $60 fee for each dependent during Fall or Spring semesters, or a $35 fee for each dependent during the Summer semester once the student member has paid his/her fees and received a validation sticker for his/her ID card.

Students taking 5 or fewer hours for credit are considered part-time and must pay a membership fee to obtain a Fitness Center membership. They may become members for $72 during the Fall or Spring semesters, or $50 during the Summer semester once they have paid their fees and obtained Eagle card. After a student has purchased a membership, all immediate dependents of the student member taking 5 or fewer hours may become members for a $60 fee for each dependent during Fall or Spring semesters, or a $35 fee for each dependent during the Summer semester.

Student Summer memberships are available for purchase by students who are not enrolled in classes during the summer but were enrolled for 6> hours during Spring semester; the fee is $50; dependents can be added for a fee of $35 each.

Permanent TTU employees may become 6-month members for $100 or 12-month members for $180. All immediate dependents of the permanent employee member can become 6-month members for a $70 fee (per dependent) or 12-month members for a $120 fee (per dependent).

Current permanent employees may pay for an annual membership by monthly payroll deductions. The monthly deduction for employee membership is $14; dependents can be added to the employee's monthly membership deduction fee for an additional $9 (a total of $23 for a family membership).

Temporary TTU employees / Adjunct Faculty may be eligible for a 6-month membership. Several factors must be considered to determine eligibility for Fitness Center membership. If a non-permanent employee is interested in purchasing a Fitness Center membership, they should inquire in the Office as to their eligibility status. If eligible, the length of the membership will be determined by the expiration date of their appointment and the likelihood of renewal of their employment appointment. The fee for a 6-month family membership for a temporary employee or adjunct faculty is the same as a family membership for a permanent employee ($100 for the employee, plus $70 per dependent). If the employee's department indicates to the Fitness Center that it is highly likely that the temporary employee's / adjunct faculty appointment will be renewed upon expiration of the first appointment, the employee may be permitted to purchase a 12-month membership if he/she chooses to do so at the same rate as a permanent employee would pay ($180 for the employee, plus $120 for each additional dependent).

Retired TTU employees and their spouses receive a free 12-month membership. This does not include lockers, towel service, aerboics classes and other services. They are available at an additional rate.

Graduates of TTU may become 6-month members for $200 or 12-month members for $360. All immediate dependents, spouses and children under 22 years of age, of the graduate member may become 6-month members for an $100 fee per dependent or 12-month members for a $180 fee per dependent. Alumni receiving associate's degrees, bachelor's degree's or graduate level degrees are all eligible to purchase memberships. Note: Persons who complete one of TTU's pre-professional programs (i.e., Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Vet, etc.) are eligible to purchase Fitness Center memberships at the alumni rate once they have completed their program elsewhere.

Special Circumstances

  1. Consideration may be given by the Director to those with special membership exceptions. (Examples would include, but are not limited to: exchange students residing with a Fitness Center member family, grandparents or others having legal custody of a child, etc.).
  2. Examples of membership exceptions made to date include the following: Students who complete one of TTU's pre-professional programs and then complete their professional program elsewhere. Such a student may not graduate from TTU but once their program here is completed, it is necessary for them to go elsewhere to complete the professional requirements. TTU's ROTC employees (may not be eligible for payroll deduction) TTU's Fisheries Unit employees (may not be eligible for payroll deduction) TTU's Health Services employees (may not be eligible for payroll deduction) All TTU Barnes & Noble (Bookstore) employees (may not be eligible for payroll deduction) Some Adjuncts who do not receive payment from TTU for services rendered to students in classroom setting (i.e., local physicians who provide instruction, clinical practicum's, etc.) and Honorary Alumni.
  3. Spouses of deceased eligible nonmembers will be permitted to join the Fitness Center by paying the member rate.

Gratis Memberships for All New Permanent TTU Employees

A gratis two-week membership will be made available to all new TTU permanent employees, faculty, administrative staff, and clerical and support staff, and their spouses. Information about the two-week membership will be given to the employee at their new employee orientation provided by TTU's Personnel Department. It will be necessary for the employee to come to the Fitness Center Office to activate the membership.

Refunds for Memberships Purchased

In general, monies will not be refunded for memberships unless: the member is moving out of the area, the member has developed a medical problem which prevents him/her from exercising, (a physician's statement may be required). Other unusual circumstances may be considered.

Extending Memberships Purchased

Extensions to memberships will, on occasion, be granted for the following reasons: a medical problem (injury or illness) that precludes use of the Fitness Center for a period of approximately one month or more (a note from a physician may be required) or extended absences (usually one month or more) from the Cookeville area (due to extended vacations, sabbaticals, leaves of absence, etc.).

Memberships cannot be extended for: short periods of time a member is not in Cookeville (most everyone is gone for a week or two at a time), Fitness Center closings due to inclement weather, or maintenance/closing.

Eligible Nonmember Card

Eligible nonmembers of the Fitness Center (TTU alumni, employees, retired employees, students enrolled for less than six hours and the immediate family members of each) are eligible to use the Fitness Center, but they must pay a guest fee. To enable front desk workers to identify eligible nonmembers, the ENM will be given an "eligible nonmember card." When the ENM requests to use their ENM status they will be allowed to do so on that particular occasion, but will be made aware that they need to acquire an ENM card in the Fitness Center Office during office hours. Before they use the facility again as an ENM they must either call or stop by the Fitness Center Office to obtain a card to identify themselves on future visits to the Fitness Center. The cards will be distributed to ENMs free of charge upon verification of their eligibility. With the card they will be allowed to use the facility at the $5 guest rate, or participate in an aerobics class for $5. They will also be eligible for other Fitness Center programs at the ENM rate.


Students, members, and eligible nonmembers can bring guests to the Fitness Center for $5 per visit. There is a 5-guest (per member) maximum on any given day. Members must accompany their guests while at the Fitness Center.

Guests of the University

Guest Usage Cards are available for special guests of the University. The numbered card contains the guest's name, effective dates for usage and the Fitness Center Director's signature. An approved individual can purchase up to 15 punches for a fee of $5 per visit. Approval will be made on an individual basis; approvals will be made by the Fitness Center Director or the Vice President for Student Affairs. Examples of those who may be approved include but are not limited to auditors, Congressmen and eligible members who are in Cookeville on an irregular basis (i.e., an alumni who lives in Knoxville but periodically visits parents who live in Cookeville).

Requests for Guest Cards must be made during regular Fitness Center Office hours. If a card will be needed after regular Office hours or on a weekend, prior arrangements must be made with appropriate Fitness Center Office personnel. If another department on campus wants to request a card for an individual, that request should be submitted in memo form. The memo must contain the individual's name, the requested effective dates, the number of punches requested and the reason for the request.

These cards will not be widely advertised and will be available only under special circumstances. A log of all pertinent information relative to the issued cards will be maintained for auditing purposes.

Visitor's Pass

Persons eligible to use this card must meet the following criteria:

a) Must be a potential TTU student recruit;
b) Must be a senior in high school OR a potential transfer student from another college or university;
c) Must be represented and accompanied at all times by a TTU student or other official University representative;
d) Individual's sole purpose for being on campus is to consider enrollment as a TTU student (e.g., an individual attending a TTU summer camp might also be interested in attending TTU; however, because their primary purpose for being on campus is to attend camp, they are not eligible).

Persons meeting the above criteria are eligible to use the Fitness Center at no charge during their visit. Passes will be collected by the Fitness Center Front Desk Attendant on expiration date.

Procedures to obtain a Visitor's Pass:

a) University representative may obtain these passes by calling the Fitness Center Office Supervisor at 372-6508 (at least 24 hours advance notice should be given).
b) A series of numbered passes will be issued to University representative who anticipate having a need for the cards. (The person who will be responsible for the passes must sign for them when they are picked up).
c) University representative will fill in the following on the pass: recruit's name expiration date, sponsor's name (person to accompany visitor), and University representative's signature (person issuing pass).

Miscellaneous Notes

The Fitness Center reserves the right to decline admittance of the guest to the facility at peak usage times or for other reasons as determined by the Fitness Center Director. Tours of the facility will be made available to any potential student and/or their parents upon request. These requests can be made by calling the Fitness Center Office Supervisor at 372-6508 at least 24 hours in advance. Drop-in requests for tours will be accommodated whenever possible.

Recruit's parents may pay a $5 guest fee to use the facility (if accompanied by recruit and recruit's University representative).

Checking IDs

A member's card must be presented or a student's Eagle Card scanned at the Front Desk for admittance to use the facility. The member's card will be taken in hand by the Fitness Center employee and the expiration date on membership cards verified. Pictures on student Eagle Cards and ages on dependent cards may be compared to the appearance of the presenter to help ensure the presenter is the owner of the card. Some leniency will be shown at the beginning of each semester (from the day the dorms open for a new semester until the day following the last day to register, add or change sections).

Prorating - Typically, memberships are sold for only 6 months or 12 months (for employees, retired employees, or graduates) or on a semester basis (for students). Exceptions may be made for unusual circumstances (i.e., a 1-5 hour student who decides to purchase a membership halfway through the semester). The price of the membership will be prorated upward to the nearest whole month (i.e., if 10 weeks [slightly more than 2 months] of the semester have lapsed, the student will be charged a prorated amount for a 3-month membership).

Lost Cards - Lost/stolen membership cards will be replaced at a charge of $25 to the member.

Credit hour classes vs. noncredit hour classes - To be eligible for a Fitness Center membership, a student must be enrolled in classes for credit (Extended Education or Continuing Education classes are not for credit). Auditing a class does not make an individual eligible for a Fitness Center membership because the student does not pay any monies that will be credited to the Fitness Center budget.

Purchase Hours - Memberships can be purchased in the Fitness Center Office (Room 118). Check the main page to see current hours.

Aerobic Punch Cards

Aerobic Punch Cards can be purchased by members or eligible nonmembers. The cards reserve a space in a designated class (up to 4 classes) for an individual. The cards are good for 30 classes. One punch is used for each class. The member fee is $25 and the eligible nonmember fee is $125. A member pays for 25 classes and is given 5 classes free. The cards are nontransferable and refunds are given only for unusual circumstances (e.g., for medical problems which prevent participation in an aerobic class). Aerobic Punch Cards are printed on lavender card stock.

Seniors' Class Punch Cards

Seniors' Class Punch Cards can be purchased by members, eligible nonmembers or guests. Like the aerobics punch cards, the cards are good for 30 classes and one punch is used for each class. The member fee is $25, the eligible nonmember fee is $50 and guest fee is $75. By purchasing the punch cards as a member, individuals pay for 25 classes and they are given 5 classes free. The cards are nontransferable and refunds are given only for unusual circumstances. The Seniors' Class Punch Cards are printed on gold card stock.

Racquetball Court Regulations

For racquetball reservations call 372-6215 or come by the Fitness Center Front Desk. Reservations can be made by telephone or in person the day of play only. When making reservations, individuals may block only one hour per day. If an individual's partner wants to reserve an hour, he/she must call or be present at the time of the reservation. Courts not claimed 15 minutes after reserved time may be forfeited. Reservations can be made anytime during normal operating hours. Court walls are not to be hit intentionally. All safety rules should be followed while playing. Do not enter courts until play ends. It is highly recommended that all players wear protective eye guards at all times while playing. To help avoid collisions, be aware of your playing partner's position on the court at all times. Proper shoes are required for play (i.e., no jogging shoes or street shoes).

Operating Hours

The Fitness Center is open as many hours as its operating budget allows. For the convenience of students and members, it remains open for operation on several holidays. Most of the year the Fitness Center is open 7 days per week and approximately 100 hours per week. Annual maintenance/heavy cleaning is done once per year (usually in mid-December) and may require closing areas of the building.

Facility Rules

  1. Those who are not Tennessee Tech students and who are less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by a member at all times when inside the center.
  2. No food or open drink allowed in the building except in vending area.
  3. Only suitable indoor athletic shoes, not jogging shoes, may be worn on the wooden playing surfaces. No black soles or other soles that mark the floors are allowed. Please be sure shoes are free of dirt before beginning play. If you are not sure about your shoes, ask a Fitness Center staff member.
  4. For your safety and the health of others, bare feet are not allowed.
  5. Alcohol, narcotics, steroids, or tobacco products may not be consumed, possessed, or displayed in the Center. Weapons are not allowed in the building.
  6. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and pets are not allowed in the facility.
  7. No signs, posters, advertisements, or decorations may be placed in the Center without approval of the Director.
  8. Use of the facility is a privilege. Individuals not cooperating with established policies will be asked to leave and may have their privileges revoked.
  9. Unauthorized persons are not to alter the arrangement of equipment or change the height of non-adjustable equipment.
  10. Users are asked not to carry on an activity in such a way as to interfere with another activity in an adjacent segment of the building.
  11. Persons abusing the equipment may be prohibited from using the facility.
  12. Clothing should be appropriate to the activity: swimming suits or trunks (not cutoffs) for the pool; upper and lower body covered for other activities.
  13. "Spotters" should be utilized for free weight usage.
  14. Weights are not to be taken from the designated area.
  15. Free weights must be replaced in the appropriate racks after use.
  16. Please - - - No profanity.
  17. Individual must join before dependents are eligible for membership.
  18. Proof of dependent identification may be required at time of dependent membership purchase (joint checking account for spouse, birth certificate for child, etc.).
  19. Guests should stay with member at all times and must leave the facility at the same time as member.
  20. Racquetball court reservations will be lost if court is not occupied 15 minutes after reservation time.
  21. The 1/6 mile track is for running and walking. Please do not stretch or stand on the track. Baby strollers are not allowed on the track. An East to West pattern is used on the track.
  22. The person who checks out equipment is responsible for it. If the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, payment must be made for the replacement cost.
  23. An Eagle card or valid membership must be presented to Front Desk Attendant upon entering facility.
  24. An individual must be 16 to participate in an aerobics class.
  25. For the safety of all children under the age of 16, all weight room and cardiovascular equipment is off limits! This equipment is not properly sized for them and use could result in injury.

Team Rules

The Fitness Center is pleased to be able to work cooperatively with other TTU departments when there is a need. In unusual situations (i.e., when the Cheerleading campers need Hooper Eblen Center for opening or closing ceremonies or when the gym floor at the Hoop is being refinished), the Director may make an exception to allow a Varsity sports team (either TTU or a visiting camp team) to use one of the Fitness Center gyms for a practice or for a game. However, it is important that all teams using a Fitness Center gym be aware of and cooperate with the following rules:

Absolutely NO running shoes, street shoes, outdoor shoes, cross-trainers with runningshoe bottoms or bare/sock feet will be allowed on the gym floor.

Water bottles, canned drinks and coolers are not allowed in the building. Water fountains are conveniently located just outside the gym.

Large numbers of spectators are not permitted in the building. There is no seating in the gyms and standing around the wall presents a danger to players and officials. No observing, photography or videoing from the track.

Teams must be accompanied by their coach when entering the building.

Coaches must remain with their teams at all times.

Coaches of summer camps can use the facility by paying the $3 guest fee during the time they are attending camp. A list of names for identification should be provided to the Fitness Center by each Camp Director.

Players will not be allowed to wander about the building. If teams are interested in a tour, let us know and a staff member will be glad to assist.

Teams will be allowed to enter the gym only 5 minutes prior to their scheduled game.

Profanity is not tolerated at any time.

Lost & Found Procedures

  1. All watches, rings, other jewelry, and other small valuables should be turned in to the Office or a Supervisor on duty as soon as they are found. These items will be kept in the safe in Room 118 (the Office) for one year and then turned over to the Campus Warehouse to be included in the Campus' annual auction.
  2. Membership cards and other small items, except those mentioned above, will be kept locked in the Pro Shop cabinet in the Equipment Room.
  3. Student and employee Eagle Cards will be logged into a logbook when they are turned in to a Campus Recreation employee and the cards will be kept in a secure location in the main office. After 2 weeks the cards will be sent to the Eagle Card office.
  4. All lost clothing will be kept in the Equipment Room for one month.

Locker System


  • Daily - No Cost
  • Fall/Spring - $15.00
  • Summer - $15.00


  • Daily - No Cost
  • 5 Months - $15.00
  • 12 Months - $30.00

Note: While daily locker use does not incur a fee, a $.50 charge accompanies the rental of a lock.

Note: When all full-size lockers designated for rental by the Director have been rented, a student or member can rent a small locker for $6 for Spring or Fall Semester or for a 5-month period. The fee for members for a 12-month rental of these small lockers will be $12.

Lockers may not be rented past membership expiration date for members or end of semester for students.

The Fitness Center is not responsible for items left in rented lockers that have expired.

Items will be removed from lockers 10 days after expiration date if locker is not renewed. Items of value (this to be determined by Fitness Center Staff) will be stored at the Fitness Center for one year. Items of little or no value (socks, soap, etc.) will be kept one semester. If items are not claimed within the specified length of time, all rights to the items are forfeited and the Fitness Center can dispose of them as they see fit.

Lockers will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Only approximately 50% of the lockers in the men's and women's main locker rooms will be rented, with the remaining being available for daily use. Approximately 25% of the lockers in the men's and women's pool locker rooms will be rented.

Locks should be placed on all rented lockers for protection of articles.

Lockers may be rented Monday through Friday in Room 118 (the Main Office) of the Fitness Center.

Locks are included with locker rental.

Gender Specific Locker Rooms
Locker rooms are gender specific. Please observe this regardless of your child's age. A Family Changing Room is available at the pool.

Radio Station

The Fitness Center's Weight Room's radio is tuned to Rock 93.7FM. It is kept on one station and cannot be changed unless approved by the Director.

TV Station

The televisions in the Cardiovascular Room will remain on ESPN .

TTU Alumni Parking Permits

Because TTU alumni are not eligible to purchase a TTU parking permit, alumni purchasing Fitness Center memberships may be issued a parking permit at no charge for use at the Fitness Center. If both alumni and spouse purchase a membership, a maximum of 2 parking permits per family will be issued. If dependent children are members, the permit(s) issued to the adult member(s) will need to be shared with the dependent children member(s).

Parking permits can be obtained at the Fitness Center Office during membership hours. Permits should be displayed on vehicle dashboard in front of steering wheel where the expiration date can be easily identified by TTU police. Parking permits are valid only on McGee Boulevard, in the large lot between the Fitness Center and the Stadium, and the parking lot south of the Hooper Eblen Center. They are not valid at any time in the semicircle in front of the Hooper Eblen Center, at the pool end of the Fitness Center or in any locations other than those previously specified (tickets may be issued to those parking in unauthorized areas). The permits will not be valid on basketball game days from approximately 3:00 p.m. until approximately 9:00 p.m. when these areas are designated for "preferred parking" or on a few other occasions when special events are being held at the Fitness Center or at Hooper Eblen.

Alumni parking permits will also be issued to individuals who purchase a Seniors' Class Punch Card or to eligible nonmembers who purchase an aerobic punch card. Because retired faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a TTU parking permit, they will not be issued a Fitness Center parking permit.

Membership I.D. Card Policy

Membership cards are to be used only by the person to whom they are issued. They may not, at any time, be borrowed or loaned. Persons loaning a membership card may be subject to loss of membership at the Fitness Center.

A gold membership card containing the member's name, expiration date, and Fitness Center Director's signature will be laminated and given to the member upon completion of the membership application process.

A blue dependent membership card will contain dependent's name, dependent's age, expiration date, and the Fitness Center Director's signature.

Reservation Policy

The Fitness Center allows its multipurpose rooms, conference room and pool to be reserved for special usage. To prevent scheduling conflicts from occurring and to ensure that the rooms are used only for purposes for which they are intended, an "Application for Use of Facilities" form must be completed and approved by the Director. The applications can be picked up in the Main Office (Room 118) and should be returned to the Fitness Center Office Supervisor.

Snow Closing Policy

The Fitness Center remains open as much as possible during inclement weather but will close (sometimes with little or no advance notice) when the safety of employees and/or members could be jeopardized by remaining open.

Pool Rules

  1. Swimming is permitted only at authorized times
  2. Positively no diving allowed; pool depth only 3-5 feet
  3. No running on deck or horseplay in pool
  4. Shower before entering pool
  5. No food or drinks allowed in pool area
  6. No chewing gum
  7. Proper swimwear required (i.e., no cutoffs)
  8. Shoes are not permitted on deck
  9. Please shower after sunbathing before re-entering
  10. Locks on lockers are highly recommended
  11. Children under 16 must be accompanied by parent/guardian while swimming
  12. Please do not hang on lane ropes
  13. When entering the pool, please be aware of each swimmer's lane position. If you are going to share a lane with an individual, please make them aware of it before starting.
  14. All Lost and Found items will be collected by the lifeguard at the end of the day and brought to the Euqipment Room. Jewelry, wallets or other valuables will be kept in the Fitness Center Office safe (Room 118).
  15. For your safety, vacate the pool during electrical storms.
  16. Please allow enough time to shower and dress before appointed closing time.
  17. Entrance to the pool is through the Fitness Center's main entrance. Doors at the pool are for emergency exit only.

TTU Fitness Center Pool Party Policy

The Fitness Center has received requests to allow members to use the pool and pool patio area for group parties.

To accommodate these requests, we provide the following policy:

  • Fitness Center members, full and part-time students, faculty and staff, and alumni of Tennessee Tech are eligible to schedule a pool party.
  • Two weeks notice and payment is required to ensure the date requested for the event.
  • NON-refundable Fee :
    Members/Full-Time Students: $75
    Eligible Non-Members: $100
  • Parties can only be scheduled in 2-hour blocks between the hours of 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Saturdays or 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Sundays.
  • The host/hostess needs to be stationed at the front desk to verify those who are invited.
  • TTU Fitness Center will have one guard on duty. This guard is responsible not only for the party guests, but also for others who will be using the pool. This service will be provided for up to 15 of your guests. If your party has over 15 guest, a second guard will be scheduled at an extra fee of $20.00.
  • A portion of the pool will be designated for use of party participants. The participants must remain in that area at all times to allow other members to use the lap lanes. No horseplay or loud, disruptive behavior will be allowed. This is for safety and for the comfort of others who use the pool.
  • Access to the patio and use of the grill is available upon request at no extra charge. Host is responsible for providing all supplies for use of the grill.
  • Food and drink MUST remain on the patio (outside) at all times, weather permitting, or in the multipurpose room or conference room during inclement weather.
  • Damages are the responsibility of the party host.
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