Faculty Research Awards 2010-2011

Faculty Research Awards | 2010-2011

Author(s) Title Dept. Amt. Type
Michael Best An Economic Analysis of Yield and Quality Differences Associated with Two Different High-Tunnel Production Techniques for Heirloom Tomatoes Agriculture $5,000 Research Development
Bruce Greene/J. W. Baier Study of effect of genetic variability and the use of an organically approved mitacide for control of Varroatosis in honey bees Agriculture $9,562 Research Development
Kim Stearman Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Relationships in Composed Organic Vegetable Plots Agriculture $5,000 Research Development
Daniel Combs Field-Testing a Habitat Model for Predicting the Presence of Green Salamandars on Rock Outcrops Biology $4,840 Research Development
Steven Hayslette Distribution and Activity Patterns of Allegheny Woodrats (Neotoma magister) at Catoosa Wildlife Management Area Biology $5,000 Research Development
Titus Albu A Computational Study on the Nucleophilic Attack on the C=C Double Bond of Quinones Chemistry $4,500 Research Development
John Harwood Estimation of Organic Pollution Source Loads by LC-MS/MS Chemistry $5,000 Research Development
Martha Wells Development hyphenated chromatographic-mass spectrometric techniques for analysis of endogenous and exogenous microconstituents Chemistry $5,000 Research Development
Daniel Badoe Modeling the Interrelationship between Trip generation and Household Vehicle Ownership Civil and Environmental Engineering $5,000 Research Development
Steven Click Applicability of Bluetooth-Based Traffic Data Collection in Rural Areas: Market Penetration Study Civil and Environmental Engineering $5,000 Research Development
Jane Liu Application of Groebner Basis Methodology to Vibration Control Problems with Geometrically Nonlinear Hygrothermal-Elastic Composite Plates Civil and Environmental Engineering $5,000 Research Development
Benjamin Mohr Development of Leachate Test for Identifying the Potential for Delayed Ettringite Formation in Cement-Based Material Civil and Environmental Engineering $5,000 Research Development
William Eberle Using Data Mining and Machine Learning for Retention of College Students Computer Science $4,380 Research Initiation
Ambareen Siraj Towards the Development of a Community Information Infrastructure for Smart Grid Security Resources (CII-SGSR) Computer Science $5,000 Research Initiation
Shannon Morgan Visual Processing and Attentional Focus in Typically Developing Individuals and Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Counseling and Psychology $5,000 Research Development
Lisa Zagumny (Re)presenting "the Muslim world": An analysis of high school world geography textbooks (2008-2014 adoption cycle-Tennessee) Curriculum and Instruction $5,000 Research Development
Evan Hart/Hugh Mills Dating Marine Terrace Deposits of the Coquimbo Bay Area, Chile using Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Earth Sciences $10,000 Research Development
Robert Qiu Control Techniques for Cognitive Radio Network and Smart Grid Electrical and Computer Engineering $5,000 Research Development
Halina Ablamowicz/Kevin Christianson Translation of Poems included in 'Sybirackie Refleksje'" and Translations of Poems by Selected Polish Poets English and Communications $10,000 Research Development
Yun Ding Between Confucianism and Pragmatism: Rhetorical Positioning of the Confucious Institute English and Communications $4,500 Research Development
Colleen Hays French National Identity and the "Mission Civilatrice" in Pierre Dupont's Sur L'Algerie Foreign Languages $5,000 Research Development
Andrzej Gutek Shift Operators on Banach Spaces of Continuous or Holomorphic Functions and their Generalizations Mathematics $5,000 Research Development
Alexander Shibakov Probability models in extreme uncertainty Mathematics $4,500 Research Development
Joshua Hauser/Charles Decker/Chris McCormick/ Greg Danner/R. Winston Morris Research and Recording of Significant New and Existing Works for Brass Ensemble Music and Art $14,744 Research Development
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