Faculty Research Awards 2005-2006

2005-06 Faculty Research Proposals
Author(s)TitleDepartmentAmountResearch Initiation or Research Development
Albu, Titus A Theoretical Investigation of Hydrogen Abstraction from Hydrohalocarbons Chemistry $4,000 RI
Badoe, Daniel An Efficient Estimator for Market Segment Models of Travel Mode Demand Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RD
Ballal, S. K. Isozyme Banding Patterns of Rubisco Biology $3,980 RD
Branson, Janice Phosphorus Migration as Influenced by Subsurface Water Flow through Alluvial Soils Agriculture $3,991 RI
Combs, Daniel Testing Planting Protocols for Reforestation of American Chestnuts Biology $3,963 RD
Cui, Jie Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Modeling in Friction Stir Welding Mechanical Engineering $4,000 RI
Goss, Susan Effects of Gabapentin on Activation of Tissue Transflutaminase in Cultered Cell Lines Biology $3,650 RD
Harrison, Michael Distribution and Mechanism of Alleghamian Micro-Scale Rock Deformation Across Middle Tennessee Earth Sciences $3,982 RD
Hayslette, Steven Effects of Hurricane Ivan on the Grenada Dove ( Leptotila wellsi ) Biology $4,000 RI
He, Xubin Highly Available Metadata Management for Distributed Scavenged Systems Electrical and Computer Engineering $4,000 RI
Hossain, Faisal A Geostatistical Investigation of Anisotropy in Arsenic Contamination of Shallow Aquifers of Bangladesh Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Huo, Sharon Development of Skew Correction Factors for Live Load Reaction at Piers of Continuous Bridges Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RD
Kim, Jisook The Regulation of Protein Kinase C to Control Cell Growth, Proliferation, and Death Chemistry $4,000 RI
Liu, Y. Jane Application of a New Approach to Shell Structural Analysis Using Clifford Algebra Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Machida, Motoya Perfect Sampling for Bernoulli-Logistic Regression Models Mathematics $4,000 RI
Mahajan, S. M. Removal of (NO)x from Exhaust Gases Using a Pulsed Corona Reactor Electrical and Chemical Engineering $8,000 RD
Munukutla, S. S.   Mechanical Engineering    
Martin, Roger Research and Recording of Works for Woodwind Quintet Music and Art $7,840 RD
Woodworth, William   Music and Art    
Lotz, James   Music and Art    
Danner, Greg   Music and Art    
Thurmond, Anne   Music and Art    
Mattingly, Hayden Competition Between Endangered Nashville Crayfish and Two Coexisting Crayfish Species Biology $3,500 RI
Morris, Winston Tennessee Tech University All-Star 40th Anniversary Alumni Tuba Ensemble Recording and Commissioning Project Music and Art $4,000 RD
Qiu, Robert Experimental Demonstration of a Novel Ultra-wideband Communications System Based on the Time-Reversal and Transmitted Reference Scheme Manufacturing Center $4,000 RI
Roberts, Thomas Neotropical Migrant Songbird Investigation at Edgar Evins State Park Biology $4,000 RD
Shibakov, Alexander Computational Geometry in Compliant Mechanism Design Mathematics $4,000 RD
Subramanian, Venkat The Development of a Novel Electroplating Cell-Research Initiation Plan Chemical Engineering $4,000 RI
Wang, Chunsheng An Oxide Ion and Protein Co-ionic Conducting Membrane for Fuel Cell Applications Manufacturing Center $4,000 RI
Wells, M. Development of New Analytical Strategies for Sensing Applications Chemistry $4,000 RI
Zhang, Hong Effect of Iron-Enhanced Photochemical Transformation of Aquatic Organic Acids on Fate Trace Metals in Southern Reservoir Lakes Chemistry $4,000 RI
Zhang, Ying Platinum-Enriched y + y \' Bond Coatings for Ni-Based Superalloys Mechanical Engineering $4,000 RI
Zhu, Jiahong Alternative Anode Materials for SOFC Running on Hydrocarbon Fuels Mechanical Engineering $4,000 RD
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