Faculty Research Awards 2006-2007

2006-07 Faculty Research Proposals
Author(s) Title Department Amount Research Initiation or Research Development
Ablamowicz, Halina 'In this Place even the Poor Little Birds do not Sing': Selected Poems about the Soviet Deportations of Poles to Forced Labor Camps in Siberia; Translation of Poetry by Andrzej Bursa (1932-57) English $8,000 RD
Christianson, Kevin English
Anthony, Holly Investigating Pre-service Mathematics Teachers\' Beliefs About Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Context Curriculum and Instruction $3,650 RI
Buchanan, George Multi-Phase Characterization of Nano-Composites Using Computational Mechanics Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RD
Click, Steven Investigating the Use of Variable Maximum Green Time to Improve Traffic Signal Operating Efficiency Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Ding, Yun Becoming the Dalai Lama: Rhetorical Dimensions of a Modern Self English $3,300 RI
Elkeelany, Omar High-Performance Stand-Alone Programmable Embedded Ethernet Electrical and Computer Engineering $4,000 RI
Fidan, Ismail The Development of a Rapid Prototyping Clearinghouse for P16 Manufacturing and Industrial Technology $4,000 RD
Hadlock, Frank A Computer Based Tutorial Assistant for Modeling and Solving Algebra Word Problems Computer Science $4,000 RD
Hart, Evan Effect of Septic System Discharge on Surface and Groundwater Quality in Putnam County, Tennessee Earth Sciences $4,000 RI
Hauser, Joshua Research and Recording of Works for Soloists with Brass Ensemble and Other Works Deserving of Wider Recognition Music and Art $6,245 RD
Barham, Philip Music and Art
Danner, Greg Music and Art
Decker, Charles Music and Art
McCormick, Chris Music and Art
Hays, Colleen Nineteenth-Century Medievalism and French National Identify Formation Foreign Languages $4,000 RD
Hossain, Faisal Investigating Improvements in River-Flow Forecasting through Land Surface Modeling of Soil Moisture and Satellite Rainfall Based Hydrologic Modeling Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Kim, Jisook Benzene Metabolites Target Cellular Amino Acids and Proteins Chemistry $4,000 RI
Lisic, Edward Gold and Platinum TSC Complexes as Potential Anti-Cancer Agents Chemistry $4,000 RD
Liu, Y. Jane Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Shell Panels with Bezier Curve Cross-Section Using Grorbner Bases Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Mills, Hugh Relation Between Physical Parameters of Bedrock and Topography in East Tennessee Earth Sciences $3,540 RD
Mohr, Benjamin Fractography of Fiber-Cement Composites via Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Northrup, Scott Development of a Next-Generation Software Package for Macromolecular Diffusion and Docking Chemistry $4,000 RD
Panchagnula, Mahesh Smart Seed Particles for Flow Velocimetry Mechanical Engineering $4,000 RI
Radman, Ghadir Optimal Power Flow Analysis of Power Systems with FACTS-Controllers Using Advanced Optimization Techniques Electrical and Computer Engineering $4,000 RD
Stapor, Frank Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating of quartz sand deposited at Old Island, Beaufort Co., SC: A candidate for the oldest barrier island in the southeastern US formed at present mean sea level Earth Sciences $4,000 RD
Stretz, Holly Effect of Nanoparticle Packing Geometrics on Surface Roughness and Impact Properties of Fiber-Filled Composites Chemical Engineering $4,000 RI
Swartling, Daniel The Study of "Green" Chemical Oxidations Using Ionic Liquids as Environmentally Friendly Solvents Chemistry $3,300 RD
Visco, Donald The Development of an Approach to Determine Useful Blowing Agent + Polyol Mixtures for Polyurethane Foam: Experimentation and Modeling Chemical Engineering $4,000 RD
Walker, Kristin Researching Strategies for Teaching Immediacy Behaviors in Online Professional Communication Courses English $4,000 RD
Young, Jed Delayed Abscission of Fruits of Woody Ornamental Cut Branches School of Agriculture $4,000 RI