Faculty Research Awards 2007-2008

2007-08 Faculty Research Proposals
Author(s)TitleDepartmentAmountResearch Initiation or Research Development
Albu, Titus A Computational Study on the Reactivity of Quinones in Biological Systems Chemistry $4,000 RD
Badoe, Daniel Modeling Metropolitan Region-Wide Trip Generation Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RD
Baier, James A Programmable, Solenoid-Operated, Variable Intensity Rainfall Simulator for Investigating Runoff and Erosion Agriculture $3,991 RD
Barnard, Debbie Writing the Medina: Culture and Identity in Urban Texts of Tunisia Foreign Languages $4,000 RI
Best, Michael An Economic Impact Analysis of the Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion Agriculture $4,000 RD
Bruckman, Marilyn Teacher Training for the Prevention and Identification of Child Abuse Curriculum and Instruction $4,000 RI
Buchanan, George Buckling of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RD
Carpen, Ileana The Effect of Drugs on Tumor Development Chemical Engineering $4,000 RI
Carter, Christy Vegetation Analysis in a Naturally Occurring Inland Salt Marsh Biology $4,000 RI
Chambers, Amy Theory and Applications Involving Graph Algebras, Conditional Expectations, and Wavelets Mathematics $4,000 RI
Crouse, David Resonance Characteristics of o-Acylnaphthols Chemistry $4,000 RD
Fidan, Ismail Collaborative Research-Comparative Study of Online versus On-ground Learning Manufacturing and Industrial Technology $10,000 RD
Barger, Bonita   Decision Sciences    
Anitsal, Ismet   Economics, Finance and Marketing    
Anitsal, Meral   Economics, Finance and Marketing    
Allen, Michael   Mathematics    
Foster, Sherrie Upper Cumberland Opportunities in Service Learning for Counseling and Psychology Scholars Counseling and Psychology $4,000 RI
Gao, David Battery Charging Control Techniques for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Electrical and Computer Engineering $4,000 RI
Greene, Bruce Comparison of the Forage Productivity of Native Warm-Season Perennial Grass Species Agriculture $3,560 RD
Groundland, Mark Race and Morisco Identity Foreign Languages $3,250 RD
Gutek, Andrzej Constructing Shift Operators on C(C) Mathematics $3,750 RD
Hayslette, Steven Effects of Spinning-wing Decoys on Mourning Dove Harvest Vulnerability in Tennessee Biology $4,000 RD
He, Xubin A Fast Delivery Protocol for Total Order Broadcasting Electrical and Computer Engineering $4,000 RD
Huo, Sharon Parametric Study of the Base Connections of Highway Sign Structures Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RD
Kamal, Ahmed Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Signals in Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Before and After Hemodialysis Manufacturing and Industrial Technology $4,000 RD
McQuail, Josephine William Blake\'s Web of Design English $4,000 RD
Mohr, Benjamin Long-Term Resistance of Fly Ash Concrete to Alkali-Silica Reaction Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 RI
Sekar, Arun Proposal to Review the Current Approaches to the Assessment of Performance of Domestic Electric Appliances and Their Impact on Energy Conservation Initiatives Electrical and Computer Engineering $4,000 RD
Siraj, Ambareen Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Network Security Computer Science $4,000 RI
Smith, David An Application of Quantile Regression in Calibration Mathematics $4,000 RD
Weathers, Lenly Impact of Liquid Addition on Temperature of a Simulated Anaerobic Landfill Bioreactor Civil and Environmental Engineering $3,955 RD
Wells, Mona Nanomaterials and Single Molecule Detection Initiative at Tennessee Technological University Chemistry $4,000 RI